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Our team of dedicated professionals is well-versed in the basic and high tech evaluations of septic systems.

To see the list of things your system must comply with you will want to see the inspection form.

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Sewage Treatment System Evaluation Owner Consent Agreement.



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Your signature on this Owner Consent Agreement gives representatives of A-1 Professional Septic System Inspectors permission to perform an evaluation of the onsite sewage treatment system on your property. The evaluation consists of:

1.             The evaluation is an objective evaluation of the system's characteristics by a professional with experience and training in onsite wastewater treatment systems (Evaluator).

2.              The evaluation will attempt to identify the type of system, approximate tank capacities, and the absorption system components in place. A majority of systems are located by observation and/ or use of a probe.  Locating and uncovering septic tank lid(s) is not included in the cost of the evaluation.   Additional charges may be assessed to locate and uncover septic tank lid(s).  You will be asked to approve additional charges prior to incurring the charges.  The property owner is encouraged to find and uncover the lid(s) or to contract with A-1 Professional Septic System Inspectors to locate and uncover the lid(s).  Usually, the primary treatment tank (i.e. a septic tank) can be made accessible by using a shovel to remove the grass and soil from the top of the tank. Be advised that in some instances the only way to make the tank accessible is by using equipment such as a backhoe.  Additional charges may be assessed in instances where equipment is necessary to gain access to the system. You will be asked to approve additional charges prior to incurring the charges. Pumping the primary treatment tank is not included in the cost of the evaluation.

3.                The evaluation is based upon what the Evaluator is able to observe at the time of the evaluation. The evaluation is limited to the areas identified in the Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Inspection Report and is only intended to determine whether or not one or more of the areas identified on the report is/ are functioning properly at the time of the evaluation. The evaluation is not intended to be a warranty or guarantee for the proper functioning of the system for any period of time in the future.

4.                 The evaluation will be concluded by closing the primary treatment tank cover and back filling with only the same material.  All disturbed areas will need to be restored to original condition by the property owner.  Back filling and racking only, shall be the responsibility of A-1 Professional Septic System Inspectors. The back filled area may be slightly raised to allow for normal settlement of the soil.   The back filled area may alternatively be slightly lower than the surrounding area.

5.                Our terms are, payment is due on or before the examiner has completed the examination and prior to examiner leaving the property. The invoice and report will be directed to the identity listed above.

6.                Property owner consents to the examiner giving an inspection report to the local county health department.

7.                Examiner shall run 80 to 100 gallons of water from the property water supply into the septic system.

As owner of the property listed above, I hereby consent to the performance of an evaluation of the onsite sewage disposal system on my property.

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Company Disclaimer

Based on what we were able to observe and our experience with onsite wastewater technology, we submit this Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Inspection Report based on the present condition of the now existing wastewater treatment system.  A-1 Professional Septic System Inspectors has not been retained to warrant, guarantee, or certify the proper function of the system for any period of time in the future.  Because of the numerous factors (usage, soil characteristics, previous failures, etc.) which may effect the proper operation of a wastewater treatment system, this report shall not be construed as a warranty by our company that the system will  function  properly for any particular buyer.  A-1 Professional Septic System Inspectors DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY, either implied or expressed, arising from the inspection of the wastewater treatment system  or this report.  We are also not ascertaining the impact the system is having on the environment.

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