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we specialize in Larimer & Boulder Counties and helping you when selling a Boulder County home. The first step is getting a Boulder County Public Health Department Property Transfer Certificate Of Operation
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What is involved
We belive you should be able to see what and how an inspection is done before you call us to schedule your inspection.
Our standard inspection includes the following;
Is Septic Tank Lid Close To Surface Of The Ground
Septic Tank Water Level Compared To Outlet Pipe Location
Septic Tank Scum Layer Thickness Measured
Septic Tank Sludge Layer Thickness Measured
Run 80 Gallons Water Into A Full Tank - Does Leach Field Absorb All Of It
Septic Tank Pumped - Does Water Then Flow From Leach Field Back Into Tank.
Septic Tank Pumped Inspected For Cracks
Septic Tank Baffles Around Inlet & Outlet Pipes Inspected

Leach Field Measured At Least 100 Feet To Well
Leach Field Test For Water Flowing Back Into Septic Tank
Leach Field Test For Water (effluent) surfacing, Flowing Out The Side Of A Built Up Field
Leach Field Checked For Heavily Vegetated With shrubs & Trees - Roots Into System
Leach Field Inspected For Compaction From Traffic and/or Live Stock

Dye Trace Washing Machine Connection To Septic tank
Does System Contain A Dosing Or Pump Tank - Inspect Pump Operation & Level In Tank
Bedroom Count Compared To County Records Bedroom Count
Create Accurate Plot Plan Drawing showing Location Of House, Tank, Leach Field, Well
Research County Building & Health Departments Records
Complete Boulder County Health Department Inspection Form & Submit To Health Dept

Our fee for the inspection and report is $350.00

Pumping of the tank is a fee of $350.00 to $460.00 for the first 1,000.00 gallons and depending on location.

Locating & uncovering the septic tank lid(s) is an additional fee if the property owner does not wish to uncover the two lids.

A-1 Professional Septic System Inspectors will  provide the locating and pumping services.  Pumping is contracted for through one of our trusted & experienced pumping sub contractors. 
Locating & uncovering of the lid(s) can be a big variable.  Sometimes special electronic equipment is used for a fee on $100.00.  Depending on depth of the tank lid(s), a hand shovel or a backhoe may be needed.  Additional cost for a back hoe will start at $100.00

Sellers and buyers often have the home inspected before a purchase. 
What about inspecting the water well and septic system?  They are even more important than the house.  After you finish buying the property is  wrong time to find out about needed repairs to the well and septic system.  Improving a well can be done, however, a surprise of water well problems and large costs is not what you want to find out about after spending money to buy the property.  Improving a septic system can also be done.  In Boulder County Colorado however, it is required to find out if septic system improvements are needed before buying or selling a home can be completed.Good protection for the buyer.  Sellers should not wait untill they already have  found the buyer, to see if the septic system will need repairs that would hold up or even void the sale.  Prudent sellers are finding out if septic system improvements are needed before they put the home on the market or soon after.  In Boulder County Colorado the only way is to call a Certified Inspector.  Contact A-1 PROFESSIONAL SEPTIC SYSTEM INSPECTORS for all you septic and water well inspection needs and questions.
What is a septic system?
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